Romantic Acts

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The book and the Chapter 3 Prescripts give you good feel of the importance of Romantic acts and how romantic acts are the bridge from in love to real love. With that in place I am going to use the book 1001 Ways To Say I Love You, published by Inspirio, The gift group of Zondervan. If you find what is presented here useful, purchase the book. Our focus here will be ways for a woman to express love to her partner. The book spends equal time explain how a man can express love to his sweetheart.

Listing of 75 Different Romantic Acts

What follows are examples of romantic acts: Not all of the items listed will fit your situation but this gives you an example of the diversity of ways that you can say “I love you” to your partner. To make this interesting we categorize these acts according to the five love languages of Gary Chapman.

Expressions of Affirmation

  • Write him a love letter and send it to his work address
  • Hide a note of encouragement in his briefcase
  • Write “I love you” on the steamy mirror when he’s in the shower
  • Keep a picture of the two of you in plain sight
  • Leave love notes in different pockets of his jacket
  • Avoid saying anything negative about him to others
  • Be his biggest fan
  • Thank him for earning a living
  • Give him a kind word or compliment
  • Give him a peck on the cheek in a crowded elevator and tell him you love him
  • Decorate the house with balloons-one for every month you have known him
  • Turn to him in public and whisper, “On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re 12!”
  • Send a thank you to him every day for an entire week; be specific in your gratitude
  • Give him a sincere complement every day for a week
  • After you’ve talked on the phone, call him back in a few minutes to tell him how much you miss him.

Quality Time

  • Read and learn about his favorite hobby
  • Watch 2 hours of football [or whatever his favorite sport is] without acting like a martyr
  • Turn off the phone, TV, and pager and make him your top priority
  • Learn not to be defensive
  • Say “no” to your girlfriends’ invitation to go shopping, and spend time with him instead
  • Watch a sunset together
  • Serenade him with your special song (if you can’t sing, do the CD)
  • Let him take you hunting or fishing [or alternate activities] and really try to enjoy it
  • Remember the first time you said “I love you” to each other
  • Laugh at his jokes, even if you have heard them 100 times.
  • Hold his favorite candy bar in your teeth and offer him a bite
  • Agree on a place you would like to go together. Put a piggy bank in an accessible place to begin saving for the trip
  • Take turns reading aloud from your favorite book
  • Read the Bible together
  • Attend church together


  • Fill the cookie jar with his favorite cookies
  • Compromise cheerfully when necessary
  • Wear his favorite perfume
  • Send HIM flowers
  • Buy a season ticket to his favorite sport
  • Always look your best in public because you are a reflection of his love
  • Buy him a gift certificate for a car detailing shop
  • Don’t try to talk seriously about your relationship during the Super bowl [Stanley Cup, World Series, NBA Championships, Olympics etc.]
  • Squirrel away some money to surprise him with something he would like
  • Let him name one of the pets with a serious name like “Killer” or “Stinky”
  • Listen to him when he offers helpful [translated “infuriating”] criticism
  • Watch the movie he wants to watch
  • When you’re going out (particularly if you are pressed for time), prove to him that you can dress as quickly as him
  • Give him a monogrammed blanket that you can use to snuggle in together
  • Buy him a new pair of gym socks

Acts of Service

  • Bake his favorite cake (or whatever food is near and dear to his heart)
  • Get his car washed, waxed and filled with gas
  • Do HIS chores from time to time
  • Don’t organize his tool box
  • Sweep out the garage
  • Take out the trash even though it’s his chore
  • Don’t gripe when his friends invade the house
  • Pray for him every day
  • Ask him how you could help him with a project
  • Ask his mother for the recipe to his favorite desert
  • Be willing to do whatever he asks without grumbling
  • Take the day off and become his “servant for the day” doing whatever he wants
  • Keep his favorite flavor of ice cream in the freezer at all times
  • Have his favorite magazine waiting for him in his chair
  • Give him some private time for hobbies, friends and time alone

Physical Touch (or the encouragement of physical touch)

  • Buy yourself something sexy that he will enjoy
  • Cuddle together in front of the fireplace, not the TV
  • Leave him a sexy message on his voice mail at work
  • Take a dance class together
  • Give him a massage
  • Take turns initiating love making
  • Soak in a hot tub together
  • Catch his eye and give him a sexy wink or smile
  • Hug him more than you talk
  • Let him win the “tickle” war
  • Hold hands when standing in line
  • On a long trip, kiss every time you cross a state or provincial line
  • Let him relax in your arms without saying much of anything
  • Run your fingers through his hair
  • Exchange back scratches
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