Especially Good Books on Communication

Chapter 2, Page 21

John Gottman’s book, The Relationship Cure, is a brilliant assessment of factors associated with excellent communication.

Another outstanding Gottman book that deals with many factors other than communication, but has two excellent chapters on communication is The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work.

Another book frequently cited in our book is Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages. The focus is not so much on communication technique but on understanding of which actions bring pleasure to your partner and how to incorporate them into your life.

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People may have first been released in 1937 but the principles of successful communication revealed there are just a current as ever.

A book that is highly recommended by therapists and covers a thorough range of communication and relational issues is Couple Skills, 2nd edition, by Matthew McKay, Patrick Fanning, and Kim Paleg.

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