Improve Business Networking Skills with a Relationship Attitude!

Don’t We Just Do It?…
Improve Your Networking Skills by Building a Relationship Attitude

The events we attend are designed to improve our professional contacts and skill sets. The agenda gives a tantalizing range of informative sessions, frequent food and snacks and is interspersed with networking opportunities. We diligently take notes in the sessions, overeat and… Network. Overused word? Don’t we just do it?

Quick test:

  • Is your email address repeatable in public or does it sound like a 2nd grade name tag?
  • Do you sit at the lunch table with people you already know?
  • Resume? What resume?
  • Business Card? What business card?
  • Do you shake hands like a limp fish, King Kong, or “sweating Sam”?
  • Do the business cards you collect from others remain blank on the back?
  • Do you place your name tag on your left shoulder?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this presentation is a must! Discover the art of networking and you’ll convert events into a gold mine of opportunity.

Business Networking Skills Keynote, Session, Seminar
or Coaching Package


  • Organizations
  • University Professional Development
  • Pre-session or Conference Opening
  • Self-Improvement

What Peoples Are Saying

Red Deer College

Elizabeth is so easy and friendly to work with and willing to customize her performance to suit our conferences objectives. Before the First Handshake, Developing a Professional Networking Image, lead the day to a great start, engaging the crowd with humor and grace, information and education. Her enthusiasm and motivation is captivating. The audience was able to leave with at least one message or “Ah-Ha” moment which is terrific and still talked about today. Elizabeth will be utilized again in future events without a doubt.

– Holly Vienneau, Program Assistant
Red Deer College, Red Deer, AB

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