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Award-winning businesswoman and best-selling author Elizabeth E. George has built her career around helping people make great choices—choices about their lives, their businesses and their relationships. Her highly engaging presentations are designed for ultimate take-home value: immediate and long-term practical solutions to the business and relationship challenges your audience faces every day.

Elizabeth has the unique ability to create relationships with audiences that allow learning to happen. Her energy, compassion, and amazingly diverse background make it easy for listeners to absorb her message. Elizabeth’s an onsite team player, too, and takes pride in integrating your conference themes, other speaker’s key points, and current events into a dynamic “in the moment” presentation.

Relationship Compatibility Keynotes, Seminars and Coaching Packages to Improve Business Relationships

All material is customized to the audience, event, organization, or individual. Thoroughly professional, always prepared, and easy to work with, Elizabeth is the perfect choice.

The Make-or-Break Choices of Successful Businesses

Master Compatible Relationships to Build a Foundation for Sustainable Growth

Whether you’re starting up, starting over, or trying to take your business to the next level, there isn’t any aspect of business that doesn’t involve human relationships. From choosing business partners to hiring employees to evaluating potential clients, compatible business relationships are crucial. But too many of us choose the wrong people for the wrong reasons—often emotional ones—and by doing so undermine a key building block of business success.

The Make-or-Break Choices of Successful Businesses

Don’t Eat Your Dessert First…

What Entrepreneurial Women Need to Know About Themselves to Create Compatible Personal and Professional Relationships

Incompatibility impacts employee retention, productivity, communication, and morale, bottom-line factors in any business. This session will re-write your script for understanding yourself and developing powerful relationships that improve productivity and performance.

Don’t Eat Your Dessert First…

Don’t We Just Do It?…

Improve Your Networking Skills by Building a Relationship Attitude

The events we attend are designed to improve our professional contacts and skill sets. The agenda gives a tantalizing range of informative sessions, frequent food and snacks and is interspersed with networking opportunities. We diligently take notes in the sessions, overeat and…Network. Overused word? Don’t we just do it?

Don’t We Just Do It?…

Create Your Best Day…

Taking Control of Personal Success With High Performance on Demand

The ability to create, maintain and/or repair your mental posture is often the defining difference between excellence and average. Sharing steps that Olympians use to create their best performance, your audience will be empowered to turn the occasional ability to perform at their best into consistent high output.

Create Your Best Day…

Building Relationships from Stage…

Speaking and Performance Techniques

A session specifically designed to enhance speaking or performance techniques. The stage is a demanding master and brings extraordinary pressure to speakers and performers. Are you a new politician, community service organization president, musical performer or any other individual required to not only be able to display the skills you’ve acquired over a life-time but ALSO speak to the audience at the same time?

Building Relationships from Stage…

What People Are Saying

Elizabeth held the audience captive with her wit and wisdom at our ‘Brunch at the Beach’ event. She definitely knew her topic well and many people I spoke to afterward thoroughly enjoyed her speech. Elizabeth was great to work with as our main speaker, very dependable and made our event that much more successful.

– Lacombe County Agriculture Producers

Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce

The Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce was fortunate to be able to have Elizabeth as our guest speaker for our Women’s Luncheon, wrapping up our 2008 Small Business Week. We were all impressed by Elizabeth arriving a day early to attend our Mini-Trade Show Mixer where she spoke with a number of local businesses and organizations to get a feel for the climate in Grande Prairie. She incorporated that information into her wonderful presentation in which she was able to inform, entertain, and really connect with her audience. Elizabeth also conducted a workshop where she was able to expand on her Luncheon Message and take the time to meet one-on-one with many of the people in the room. Bravo!!!

– Tom Pura, Events Manager
Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce

Having Elizabeth George as a keynote presenter at the Diva Winter Festival was the highlight of our event! She connected with everyone during her keynote address and set an energetic, positive tone for the rest of the day. Elizabeth spoke with passion and purpose, reminding us about the importance of focusing on “the what, not the how.” Thank you for sharing with us, you indeed changed the lives of many women that day!

– Julie Gies
Diva Winter Festival

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  • Accredited Supports to the Community
  • Alberta Ag Producers
  • Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies
  • Alberta Plastics Recycling Association
  • Alberta Women Entrepreneurs
  • Canadian Parks and Recreation Association
  • Canadian University College
  • Celebrating Women,
    Camrose Regional Exhibition
  • Central Alberta Economic Partnership
  • City of Edmonton
  • County of Lacombe
  • East Tennessee State University
  • Educational Liaison Association of Alberta
  • Ellis Bird Farm
  • eWomen Network
  • Future Agriculture Business Builders
  • Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Growing Rural Tourism Conference, Camrose Regional Exhibition
  • Hearts of Harmony
  • Independent Achievers
  • Lacombe Music Teachers Association
  • Lacombe Regional Tourism and Marketing Association
  • Lakeland College
  • The Leadership Centre
  • Olds & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Red Deer College
  • Saskatchewan Parks & Recreation Association
  • City of Lacombe
  • Travel Alberta In-Province
  • Women in a Home Office
  • 4-H

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