Hot Off the Press: “The Master Mind Group”

New Book, May 2009
The Power of Mentorship—The Master Mind Group
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In this edition of The Power of Mentorship-Master Mind Group you will find a compilation of wisdom covering the topics of success, wealth, business, relationships, leadership and every other aspect containing to the accomplishment of extraordinary living.

Each of the masters featured in this book including Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond and Brian Tracy have open up their treasure chest of wisdom and knowledge to share with you the pathway to living your dreams. If you follow and emulate those who have the things you desire you can expect to have those things as well. Success is not based on what you want but on what you see on the image of your mind and the actions you take upon those images.

The Master Mind Group’s information is not based on theory but on experience and Universal Laws that never change. They are the very laws that govern our universe and our existence. They are the sole cause and purpose of all things that show up in our life, good, bad or indifferent.

The Power of Mentorship—The Master Mind Group may be the most powerful portrait ever for creating the lifestyle you desire and deserve.

The Power of Mentorship—Master Mind Group (published by Real Life Publishing, ISBN 978-1-61539-401-2 list price $19.95) provides you the tools of master mentors in the field of personal development and business development. You will learn the insights of how to create a fortune from doing what you love. As the authors point out “success in any business is never an accident but the result of applied principles.”

Contact Elizabeth George—co-author 1-866-960-1415

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