Divorce Rates Hover at 50% and Only 7% of Marriages are Considered Exceptional

What’s Wrong with Our Culture and How Can You Find Forever Love, Relationship and Marriage Compatibility?

Build relationship and marriage compatibilityIn spite of our culture’s belief in commitment to marriage, half of marriages end in divorce and many others are living in failing relationships where all love has ended.

Relationship compatibility experts Elizabeth George, M.A. and Darren George, Ph.D. have found that more than anything else, people are hungry for loving, stable relationships. Unfortunately, our culture has lost sight of what makes a great marriage and misunderstands how unreliable the emotion of love can be.

Backed by in-depth relationship compatibility research and real-world trial-and-success, Elizabeth and Darren’s Compatibility Code reshapes the thinking about how to build forever love, relationship and marriage compatibility, and is specially targeted to four unique groups.

The Compatibility Code is the Answer

Helping Relationships Before They Begin

  • Take a look inward, becoming relationship ready.
  • Take a look outward, identifying what you seek in love, relationship and marriage compatibility.
  • Take a look together, building a compatible, sustainable relationship and ultimately, forever love.

Are You…

We help singles prepare to dateSingle, Never Married?

We help young singles prepare to date and then be able to make wise choices about who to date and eventually marry. One of our main focuses is helping them recognize who they shouldn’t date as early in the process as possible—before emotions take over.

Apply the Compatibilty Code to college lifeA College Student?

College students—especially college freshman—are faced with many decisions related to life-changing relationship decisions. We help them apply the Compatibility Code to choosing a roommate, a relationship partner, and even their degree and career interest.

Find a love that lasts with the Compatibility CodeWidowed, Divorced and Currently Single?

Do you want to make better choices in order to find a love that lasts a lifetime? Following the Compatibility Code takes the guesswork out of compatibility—and the emotion out of decision-making—to help you walk confidently into a lifelong, harmonious relationship.

The go-to resource for pastoral marriage counselingA Pastor or Church?

As a pastor or church leader, you have a vested interest in the success of your own marriage, as well as the success of marriage in your congregation. We understand the pressures your marriage must endure and we’re your go-to resource for your own marriage counseling, congregation retreats, conferences, small group sessions and singles ministries.

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