Did you get the green light after last night’s date?

We like to experience events and places that are tantalizing but not totally fatal. Take the recent tourism increase in interest in touring the Chernobyl site. A recent Active Travel article on states, “The opportunity to face these fears on a day-trip is becoming increasingly attractive.”

This is so much like dating. Where we want to travel into dangerous zones and walk away in the green light. To be tantalized but not committed. To enjoy but not to be permanently committed.

The article on ends with, “The visitor puts his hands up, holds them against two metal plates and waits in a prayer-like posture for a few seconds before, he hopes, a green light flashes and tells him he got though the day safely.”

Have you ever left a date with the same desperate hope?

Posted by Elizabeth George in Relationship Life, Understanding Love on April 11th, 2011.


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