Couple Cracks The Compatibility Code, Discovers That Love Is Not Enough For Lasting Marriage

NEW YORK—FEB. 14, 2009
Most divorcees will tell you that their marriages began with powerful emotional and physical bonds. They really loved their spouses and wanted to be together forever. But the stunning fact is that more than 50% of the time, that’s not enough. For the millions of people who are fed up with both falling and failing in love, a new book provides the missing link to lasting success in a relationship.

We’ve been following a fairy tale about what makes a great marriage.

Forget Prince Charming. Forget infatuation and butterflies in the tummy. A “forever marriage” based on true compatibility is best realized through a thoughtful discovery process, the details of which are revealed in The Compatibility Code: An Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Dating and Marriage. Co-authors Elizabeth and Darren George provide the tools to take the guesswork out of compatibility and reduce the role of emotions in making relationship decisions. The goal is to help readers minimize their risk in dating, increase their confidence in finding the right person, and improve their ability to make better choices when it comes to life partners.

Impeccably researched and beautifully written, The Compatibility Code is the foundation of the George’s highly successful marital support services, retreats, speaking engagements, and, for that matter, their remarkable marriage itself. The Code combines Elizabeth George’s experience in human resource management with the foundation of research and counseling provided by Darren George’s work in relationship psychology.

Elizabeth George is an international business consultant, coach, speaker and Christian lay counselor who holds a M.A. in Human Resource Management from the University of Alabama. She is the CEO of Prefix Solutions Inc., assisting people in assessing and achieving their personal, professional, and business goals. Darren George is a Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Behavioral Science Department at Canadian University College. He holds a M.S. in Experimental Psychology from California State University Fullerton and a Ph.D. in Psychology from UCLA. The couple lives in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada.

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