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Can A Couple be To Much In Love?

Have you ever felt that you are too much in love? Are there times when your head and your heart say different things? Does it occasionally seem that the love you lavish on someone else is like casting pearls before swine? Is your life made miserable because you care too much? These questions deal with […]

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Posted by Elizabeth George in Incorrect Images of Love, Living in a Relationship, Understanding Love on January 12th, 2011.

Prescriptions For A Great Marriage: A Cup Brimful of Traditions

A good marriage is one where traditions and shared meaning are developed over time. These shared traditions bring a specialness and uniqueness to a relationship and help pull the entire family together. Special meanings get attached to meals, holidays, religious activities, celebrations, methods of relaxation, and many others. These lovely rituals often arise from when […]

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Posted by Elizabeth George in Living in a Relationship, Quality Marriage, Relationship Life, traditions on January 12th, 2011.