Elizabeth and Darren’s Story

Elizabeth and Darren GeorgeElizabeth and Darren met on Match.com back in 1999 and became early pioneers in Internet dating. As they “talked” by email and phone, they discovered that they spoke each other’s language, shared similar life dreams, and enjoyed enough differences between them to make it interesting. In the blending of their lives and talents, they see unlimited opportunity for contribution to those who are seeking growth. Together they explore a give-give relationship, where they devote themselves first to know each other, then to give, not as each would be given to, but as the other wishes. This marriage model is the basis not only for their personal lives, but also their professional purpose.

During their courtship, they shared extensively with each other as they sought to determine their compatibility. And fell further and further in love as they discovered amazing similarities between them. They decided early on that it was their calling and their purpose to, in some small way, create a better world around them and encourage and train others to do the same.

Darren, the psychologist, has been thinking, researching, teaching, and sharing ideas about compatibility for years. In fact, it has been the creative focus of his career. Elizabeth, has been working with compatibility in the business arena all of her career—ever since she watched the power of a well matched partnership to accomplish great things. And conversely, the horrific ability of a mismatch to bring to a halt the best of business intentions.

Compatibility Solutions Inc. is the result of their story. In the early portion of their relationship as they discovered that they had a shared purpose they knew, even then, that they wanted to share it together. Elizabeth calls herself “the voice” and Darren “the brain.” Their courtship, conversations, and dreams arose out of following the steps of their Compatibility Code, the steps they would love to guide you through.

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