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Helping Relationships Before They Begin

Founders of Compatibility Solutions Inc., Elizabeth E. George, M.A. and Darren M. George, Ph.D., met on the Internet, married in Alabama, and are carrying out their life mission in Canada. In the blending of their lives and talents, they see unlimited opportunity for contribution to those who are seeking growth.

Together they explore a give-give relationship, where they devote themselves first to know each other, then to give, not as each would be given to, but as the other wishes. This marriage model is the basis not only for their personal lives, but also their professional purpose.

Together they combined success principles with research psychology to create The Compatibility Code, a partner selection code that helps individuals reduce the risk in dating, increase their confidence in finding the right person and equips them with tools to improve their choice.

Elizabeth and Darren have now facilitated hundreds of interactive groups addressing pre-marital success, marital compatibility, communication and conflict resolution.

About Elizabeth E. George, M.A.

Elizabeth GeorgeHow is it possible for an award-winning businesswoman and world class athlete like Elizabeth George to have been so unsuccessful in her first two attempts at marriage?

After all, her selection as a “Top 40 Business Executive Under the Age of 40” reflected a remarkably capable and competent professional. She excelled as a business owner, economic development and tourism consultant, and university professor whose credentials included a master’s degree in Human Resource Management and certification as a Christian lay counselor.

Her company, Compatibility Solutions Inc., was created to help people choose and build great relationships, whether in business or in their personal life. To top it off, she competed for five years with the U.S. International Shooting Team, was World Champion in Crossbow, and was even awarded the United States Government’s coveted Distinguished International Shooter Badge, its highest award for marksmanship. So how could she have so badly missed the mark when it comes to love?

She failed in love because she fell in love with the wrong men for the wrong reasons. That discovery was the turning point in her life, the end of false choices that left her lonely, and the beginning of a forever marriage to husband and co-author Darren George. Elizabeth and Darren’s meeting and courtship weren’t storybook or flawless—they met through Match.com and even broke up for a while soon after they started dating—but their forever marriage is built on a code so powerful and reliable, they know they’re both in it for good.

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About Darren M. George, Ph.D.

Darren GeorgeDarren George was a single parent too, in his case of teenage children, and he shared a resume as bright and internationally competitive as his wife-to-be. He received his M.A. in Experimental Psychology from California State University, Fullerton, and his Ph.D. in Psychology from UCLA with emphases in personality psychology, social psychology, and measurement and psychometrics.

He is currently a Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Science at Canadian University College in Lacombe, Alberta. He teaches personality psychology, social psychology, pre-marital counseling, and research methods.

The author of SPSS for Windows, Step by Step an academic best seller in its 12th edition, his work is published in three languages and distributed in eighty countries. Darren authors numerous articles dealing with relational success and helping behavior. As an athlete, Darren was an Olympic Trials finalist in the marathon and MVP of the 30 Km. National Championship Team.

What was missing in his otherwise rewarding life was the right person to share it with.

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