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Relationships from the Inside Out

Do you know people who are experiencing difficulties in dating or marriage? Maybe even fed up with failing at love? You’re not alone. The consequences of not first understanding yourself are heartache, arguments, and divorce. Millions of otherwise intelligent, well-adjusted people fall in love and marry someone but struggle with sustaining that love. Given the grim statistics, how can we be confident any relationship will work out?

Join Elizabeth George as she reveals elements of the Compatibility Code and shares the importance of discovering your essence qualities and matching them with others to improve your relationships from the inside out. Research shows that this is some of the most important work that you will do in terms of relationship development and ultimately life satisfaction.

You will discover how to:

  • Develop a working understanding of your personality and temperament
  • Identify personal and essence qualities most important for self-definition
  • Address relationship killers and fatal flaws
  • Become relationship ready

Relationship Compatibility Keynote, Seminar or Coaching Package


  • Self-Improvement
  • Entrepreneurial Women
  • College Singles
  • Church Ministries

What People Are Saying

LaCombe Composite High School

Since I have been to these relationship seminars, I now know what to look for in a guy. It helped me see if he has similar goals in his life and if we share similar attributes.

– Eileen Humble, High School Senior
Lacombe Composite High School, Lacombe, AB

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