Utilize Compatibility to Build Healthy Marriages for You, Your Spouse and Your Congregation

Pastors Who Live in Glass Houses…
Using Compatibility to Build Healthy Marriages for You and Your Spouse—
and Your Congregation

As a pastor, you lead a see-through life, like living in a glass house or a fishbowl. Your marriage, in particular, is under scrutiny, but you’re so busy helping your congregation that your own marital relationship may be suffering. Fear over failing to set an example, frustrations over lack of personal time with your spouse, guilt over unmet marital responsibilities, uncertainty over what sustains a healthy marriage; these all weigh on pastors’ minds and tug at their hearts.

Yet many pastors haven’t received sufficient training in marital counseling. Many more lack a confidential source of guidance for the deep issues that cause marital problems–issues that impact marriages in their congregations, and also their own marriages!

Marital compatibility expert Elizabeth E. George knows that pastors’ needs are unique: to nurture their own marriages while better ministering to the relationships within their congregations. Her interactive presentations and follow-up sessions equip pastors with tools to identify and mend compatibility issues–and build and revive intimacy–so that all can experience a joyful marriage.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Improve your own marriage while you mentor and teach others to do the same
  • Release the fear over personal issues that harm your standing–or threaten your job
  • Create a SAFE environment to explore and improve your marital health
  • Recognize the building blocks of healthy relationships

Marriage Seminars, Conferences, Retreats, Coaching, Counseling


  • Pastors
  • Retreats for Pastors and Wives
  • Church Ministries

What People Are Saying

All pastors know the pressure of having a perfect marriage. This outstanding presentation relieves the pressure [of having a perfect marriage], and replaces it with information and tools for building compatible, sustainable marriages.

– Pastor Greg Baldeo
Central Jamaica Conference of SDA

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