College Students and Grads: Discover the Insights Needed to Develop Compatible Professional and Personal Relationships

Before the First Handshake… or Kiss!
What Students Need to Know About Themselves to Create Compatible Professional
and Personal Relationships

According to the latest research, of all the challenges facing students and grads today, stress and relationship issues that impact mental health and safety top the list. Whether initiating a new love interest, interacting with friends and family, interfacing with a professor, or addressing a prospective employer, students are confronted with life-changing relationship decisions on a daily basis.

The trouble is that most young people don’t know how to prepare for a relationship or even recognize when it begins, and are unaware of the power of compatibility to guide their choices.

Knowing who you are is the first step to developing successful, sustainable relationships.

Relationship compatibility expert and best-selling author Elizabeth E. George knows that college-age young people think they can conquer the world, and she equips them with the tools to make it happen. With more than three decades experience in college settings, Elizabeth dynamically connects with and challenges students “where they live.” She helps them take a look inside themselves to establish critical self-descriptors, recognize danger zones, and build a powerful personal presence.

Your audience will learn to:

  • Identify personal qualities most important for self-definition
  • Address relationship killers and fatal flaws
  • Make the most of their learning and mentoring opportunities with professors
  • Understand why some employers don’t like young people
  • Recognize when they’re relationship ready
  • Develop compatible professional and personal relationships

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  • College Students
  • College Graduates

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What People Are Saying

Cantech Industries, Inc.

As an alumnae of East Tennessee State University, I was very JEALOUS of the students who received the benefit of Elizabeth George’s seminar “Before the First Handshake.” If I had the opportunity to absorb that kind of knowledge from as dynamic a speaker as Ms. George, I would have not have had near the amount of false starts in dating as I had back in the “Dark Ages”, ha-ha. She really grabbed our attention from the start, and gave a great deal of pertinent information and how to apply it to all kinds of different situations. This is the kind of talk that EVERYONE should be required to participate in when we hit our tumultuous teenage years. I will seek out any seminar Ms. George presents in the future; she is that GOOD!!!

– Bonnie Rogers, Controller
Cantech Industries, Inc. Johnson City, TN
ETSU Class of ‘8_um, never mind

Red Deer College

As a keynote speaker, Elizabeth graced the stage, engaging the audience throughout the presentation. There were many laughs and “Ah-Ha” moments from the crowd. Elizabeth was the perfect start to the day with her upbeat enthusiasm and motivation. Her professional attitude and performance is fantastic, and she leaves you wanting more. I will be utilizing her talented sessions again for upcoming events in the future.

– Holly Vienneau, Program Assistant
Red Deer College, Red Deer, AB

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