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Create Your Best Day
Taking Control of Personal Success With High Performance on Demand

The threads of Elizabeth’s national and international athletic ranking run through this seminar as your audience is coached to accept that their life, their accomplishments, their very identity is a result of their choices. Sharing steps that Olympians use to create their best performance, your audience will be empowered to turn the occasional ability to perform at their best into consistent high output.

The ability to create, maintain and/or repair your mental posture is often the defining difference between excellence and average. In business, speaking, and volunteer work, taking active control of your mental posture will improve both performance and contribution. In other words if you create your attitude, you will create your success. Don’t wait on the right circumstances; use these practical guidelines that will give you an edge on volitionally creating your best day!


  • Personnel Training
  • Athletic Performance Teams
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Self-Improvement

What People Are Saying

I appreciated Elizabeth’s understanding of our particular group—then she obviously applied her experience and learning to our needs. She was entertaining and developed a welcoming atmosphere at the very beginning. She left us with a positive outlook for our group and a better understanding of our own personal contribution to our groups’ success.

– Colleen Stuart, Costume Chairperson
Hearts of Harmony

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